ANZANG nature photography exhibition

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Honeybees grooming by Alex Ford, Victoria, age 17

The South Australian Museum is currently hosting the ANZANG nature photography exhibition, which is a great collection of the best photographs from Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea.

It’s hard to tell which is my favourite, but I think it would have to be this Soft Spiny-tailed Gecko, although the Honeybees grooming is another great one which makes the tiny insects look warm and fuzzy.

And while the orange-bellied parrot (in the photo entitled Edge of Extinction) is warm and fuzzy, and quite beautiful, it is indeed on the edge of extinction.

Edge of extinction by Jan Wegener, Victoria

The exhibition is well worth seeing, as it shows the stunning diversity that exists in our part of the world. You might even come away with a new appreciation for birds, sharks, or even insects.

[Featured image: Soft Spiny-tailed Gecko (Strophurus spinigerus) by Henry Cook, Western Australia]

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