Instant art – just add a rainbow eucalyptus

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Happy Friday! It’s grey, windy, and rainy here (Adelaide) right now, so I thought I’d add a bit of colour. And aside from a flock of rainbow lorikeets or some fancy sea slugs, there’s no more astonishing colour than the rainbow eucalyptus (eucalyptus deglupta). It’s found mainly in the Philippines, but also on other tropical islands such as Maui.

What makes this tree so stunning is that pieces of the bark peels off, leaving a bright green inner bark. This ages progressively, changing to blue, purple, orange, and maroon. For many more incredible images, go here.

[Featured image: Rainbow eucalyptus on Maui. Image by Mann jess, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0]


    1. Hi John,

      That’s an interesting question, to which I don’t know the answer. The only way to know would be to sit by one tree and watch it, which, while it would give a more or less definitive answer, would be a tad tedious. 😉

    1. Thanks, Jawahar. I imagine it’s even more stunning to see and touch in real life. And you’re right, it would be delightful to photograph – so many colours, all varying in the light, over the sinuous curves of the tree. It’s such a beauty. 🙂

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