Underwater art

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I revisited this site today, and it’s worth another post. The artist, Jason de Caires Taylor,
makes sculptures and sinks them, leaving them on the shallow ocean floor to be colonised by corals.

The results are eerie and beautiful, and change over time. Some of the more complex sculptures provide shelter for fish and other marine creatures at various stages of their life, as a more natural coral reef would.

Taylor’s motivations are both to create art that’s non-static and not restricted to hanging on gallery walls, and to highlight what we could do to regenerate parts of our ecosystem. From his About page:

(Taylors) exceptional works are designed “to promote the regeneration of marine life and to use sculpture as a means of conveying hope and awareness of the plight of our oceans” before it is too late.

I do urge you to check out his site, but I must warn you that you’ll probably sit staring mesmerised for hours.

[Featured image: The Gardener underwater – sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0]

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