Give the land a break, and have some confidence in resilience

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The ability of the bush to bounce back after extensive grazing cannot be guaranteed. A farmer from Sanderson in the foothills of the South Australian Mt Lofty Ranges, Brenton Newman, had more faith than that and destocked his land to give it chance to recover. However the devastating Eden Valley bushfire burnt through 95% of the property last year, potentially derailing the early stages of recovery. Almost one year on, the land, which is still destocked, is showing amazing signs of recovery and recolonisation by native species.

Click here to view a good news story by Simon Royal for the ABC 7:30 report

Click here to view original story (and here) just after the devastating fire had ripped through the property


  1. Great story. One thing though – Restocked or destocked? Interesting question in the news clip: “Do you still call me a farmer when I have no sheep?”

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