New research outputs from the Lowe lab group

Details of recent research outputs from my group at the University of Adelaide can be found on our website:

A couple of ‘ResearchByte’ articles, recently released, detail a review paper on plant adaptation to climate change, published in Conservation Genetics, and a research paper on identifying centres of plant biodiversity in South Australia, published in PLoS ONE, and can be found here.

Also, you may have seen recent media coverage of my group’s involvement in a legal trial in the US, where four men have pleaded guilty to theft and environmental crimes under the Lacey act. My group were involved in providing the genetic fingerprinting evidence that demonstrated that a batch of big leaf maple (Acer macrophyllum), sold to guitar companies, had been illegally logged from a protected stand. Check out more details here.

As well as the website, you can follow my group’s scientific undertakings through our Facebook page


About Prof Andy Lowe

Prof Andy Lowe is a British-Australian scientist and expert on plants and trees, particularly the monitoring, management and utilisation of genetic, biological and ecosystem resources. He has discovered new species, lost forests, championed to eliminate illegally logged timber in global supply chains, served the UN’s Office of Drugs and Crime and has been responsible for securing multi-million dollar research funding. He is an experienced and respected executive leader, as well as mid-career mentor. Andy is the inaugural Director of Food Innovation at the University of Adelaide serving as the external face for all significant food industry and government sectors across South Australia, and the world.
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