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Our Biodiversity Revolution continues, however, this week we’ll be evolving our own online perspective to spending more time addressing Liveable Futures; this is where science meets the day to day of life.

We will continue to thrive to better manage and improve the fate of biodiversity using technology to increase our rate of discovery of biodiversity, understanding ecosystem processes, and to ensure the continued survival of the planet’s species and ecosystems.

green leaf trees at daytime
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However, it is increasingly clear that change needs to be initiated by a groundswell of support backed by this information and knowledge. Safe and healthy fresh food, clean water and air, affordable living, and good physical and mental health: these are all things we hope for and even expect to have into the future.

How do we combine technology, sustainability and profitability to ensure a livable future for us all?

We hope you continue to enjoy our blog, and follow our quest to communicate our choices in constructing liveable futures for society.


Prof Andy Lowe


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