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Harvesting the evidence to restore the astronomical scale of degraded lands

  We are now aware and can have oversight of the damage we have done to the earth ecosystems – but what are we doing about restoring the vast tracks of degraded lands around the earth, and how can scientific … Continue reading

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Publish but don’t perish

Highly collectable species, especially those that are rare and threatened, can be put at risk from poaching if information describing there location is published. But rather than withholding this information, scientists should publish such data through secure portals so that this … Continue reading

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Why is leaf shape important to plants?

  Plants have different shaped leaves to cope with different environmental conditions. But  many plants change the shape of their leaves over time and space! Why?    

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A decade of restoration is making the microbiome great again.

We can plant trees to re-establish a woodland community, but does planting trees help other elements of the community recover? What about the microbial community, it is responsible for much of the ecological functioning of intact ecosystems. Does restoration help the … Continue reading

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Forests hiding in plain sight

A new global analysis looking at  the distribution of forests and woodlands has ‘found’ 467 million hectares of previously unreported forest in dryland ecosystems – a land area equivalent to 60% of Australia. In this day and age of advanced … Continue reading

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My, what big teeth you’ve got…

We may have been able to tame the dog – the only large carnivore to now happily coexist with humans. But how does domestication occur and can we learn from it to develop new animal breeds and crop varieties for … Continue reading

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Secrets of Australia’s rangelands uncovered

    The secrets of the understudied Australian rangelands, which make up 81% of the continent, have been exposed in new scientific work      

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Gardening in the face of a changing climate

Since 1880, the average global temperature has increased by 0.8°℃, with large changes in rainfall redistribution. With these changing conditions upon us, and set to continue, gardeners will have to alter the way they do things.

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How the warming world could turn many plants and animals into climate refugees

Finding the optimum environment and avoiding uninhabitable conditions has been a challenge facing species throughout the history of life on Earth. But as the climate changes, many plants and animals are likely to find their favoured home much less hospitable.

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Devil’s Gardens and the demon gardener

A Devil’s Garden at Posada Amazonas (Keith Martin) Imagine you are hacking your way through the Amazon rainforest and you venture across a grove completely devoid of ground vegetation and dominated by a single tree species. A highly unusual occurrence … Continue reading

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