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Bower birds go a-courting

Spring is the time for the birds to start their courting rituals, and that includes one of the most interesting, the bowerbird. Male bowerbirds court potential mates by building a complex bower of twigs, sometimes up to a metre high, … Continue reading

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It’s Waterhouse time

The Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize is, in the words of the South Australian Museum, “a unique opportunity for talented artists to immerse themselves in the wonders of science”. The exhibition was launched, with much fanfare and a welcome speech … Continue reading

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World’s most elusive bird sighted?

John Young says that he’s seen the incredibly elusive night parrot, and he has the video and feathers to prove it. The Western Australia Museum is doing DNA testing of material taken from the feathers he found at the side … Continue reading

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Colourful, cheeky and invisible – the rainbow lorikeet

I’ve been delving into some of the fascinating posts about African wildlife on the wildlifetv blog, and found a couple about camouflage. The first, about the impala, gives some interesting facts (yes, you know I’m a sucker for interesting facts) … Continue reading

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A dolphin by any other name

Douglas Adams, in The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy, wrote that “Man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much… the wheel, New York, wars, and so on, whilst all the dolphins had … Continue reading

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Albatross a-go-go

Shouting “Albatross” in a crowded room will often generate quotes from this short Monty Python sketch (warning – language Not Safe For Work), at least if your audience is above a certain age (or level of nerdiness). For those of … Continue reading

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