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De-extinction – zombie wooly mammoths? (Biodiversity ethics part 4)

It’s now theoretically possible to re-create an extinct animal, provided a sufficient sample of its DNA is found – tar pits would be a good source, as they would capture the whole animal and protect it from environmental decay. For … Continue reading

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Extinction – to intervene or not? (Biodiversity ethics part 3)

A friend (h/t Justin) sent me this article a couple of weeks ago – it seems that this summer, the wolves of Isle Royale in Lake Superior did not produce any pups. Not a one. The total wolf population of … Continue reading

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The elephant in the room (biodiversity ethics part 2)

In yesterday’s post, I talked about an ethic of biodiversity and some of the issues arising from it. Today, I’d like to wade into the swamp of controversy with the big one. It’s pretty clear that, if we want to … Continue reading

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Biodiversity ethics

There was an interesting article in The Conversation recently entitled “Is an ethic of biodiversity enough?“. This article, by Freya Matthews, Adjunct Professor of Environmental Philosophy at La Trobe University, starts with a thought experiment: what if we could supply … Continue reading

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