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Sixty new species discovered in Suriname

Scientists spent three weeks in the rainforest of Suriname and found no less than 60 new species, a few of which may even be new genera, and saw an encouraging total of 1378 species: evidence that this area is one … Continue reading

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Olinguito discovered in Andes rainforest

What is an oliguito, I hear you say? Well, it’s a close relative of the olingo. What’s an olingo? It’s a procyonid. Okay, enough messing about – the olinguito is a small omnivorous mammal that lives in

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Palm oil plantations and smog – if you’re in Singapore, just don’t breathe

The latest air pollution index in Singapore is 371. A value of 100 or more on this index is considered unhealthy, anything above 200 is considered very unhealthy, and over 300 is considered dangerous. So 371 is really-honestly-we-really-mean-this dangerous. So … Continue reading

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Deforestation – incontrovertible evidence from space

Deforestation – it’s a serious problem for a variety of reasons, and now we can see stark evidence of the extent of the problem in some regions of the globe, courtesy of NASA. NASA also have a somewhat disturbing short … Continue reading

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Deforestation and the genetic resources of tropical trees

By Andrew Lowe, Stefan Caddy-Retalic, Eleanor Dormontt. Published in the University of Adelaide’s e-Science online magazine as “Growing Solo: Deforestation and Genetic Diversity“. e-Science is available for iPad or Android, or viewable on the web here. The human destruction of … Continue reading

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Tasmanian forest agreement reached

Since we’re on the good news, in particular good news of a woody nature, here’s another item about protection of forests in Tasmania. Yesterday an agreement was announced between the Australian Federal and Tasmanian State governments and the forestry industry … Continue reading

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