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How does evolution work?

Evolution is one of those concepts that’s simultaneously well-known and misunderstood: everyone’s heard the word, but most people are a bit hazy on what it means, and how it works in practice. So if you’re interested in getting a bit … Continue reading

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Lazarus species – back from the dead

The number of species on the planet has been estimated at over 8 million, but there are a lot of species that haven’t yet been found or properly identified. There are also a few species that were thought extinct, but … Continue reading

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Hagfish II – the sliming (plus some mantis shrimp goodness)

Last week’s post on the hagfish was pretty popular, or at least caused a lot of ‘yuk!’s, which may or may not be the same thing. So I thought I’d bring you a couple of videos about this little slimy charmer. … Continue reading

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Slime monster ahoy

The lift this morning looked like the scene of a death match between Mud Man and The Incredible Slime Monster, so what better time to introduce another warp in life’s rich tapestry: the hagfish. These denizens of the deep, the … Continue reading

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