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Plant adaptation under a changing climate

Many plants, and trees in particular, have been standing where they are today for 100s and even 1000s of years. How have they been able to cope with the changing conditions over such a long time? Will this intrinsic ability … Continue reading

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A big green blotch in Rymill Park pond

All images courtesy of Robert Baldock, Honorary Research Associate at the State Herbarium of South Australia. There’s been some concern this week about the large, bright green bloom in the pond in Rymill Park – some fear it might be … Continue reading

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Instant art – just add a rainbow eucalyptus

Happy Friday! It’s grey, windy, and rainy here (Adelaide) right now, so I thought I’d add a bit of colour. And aside from a flock of rainbow lorikeets or some fancy sea slugs, there’s no more astonishing colour than the … Continue reading

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Wild and wilder

I wrote about one approach to revegetating recently – the suggestion was to clone some of the extremely old trees in the UK and offer them to people and groups to plant. Another approach is taken by George Monbiot. He … Continue reading

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Special post: Endangered species

Guest post written by Craig Costion Today we use the term “endangered species” to raise awareness about species that are threatened with extinction. The use of the term ‘endangered species’, however, implies that the species has passed a strict set … Continue reading

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Deforestation – incontrovertible evidence from space

Deforestation – it’s a serious problem for a variety of reasons, and now we can see stark evidence of the extent of the problem in some regions of the globe, courtesy of NASA. NASA also have a somewhat disturbing short … Continue reading

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Biodiversity Brief newsletter – first issue

The first issue of our Biodiversity Brief newsletter is out, and we’re quite proud of it. A lot of work went into it, from Andy, Stefan Caddy-Retalic, Matt Christmas, and myself, and I’d also like to give a special paean … Continue reading

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Complexity breeds stability?

Complex ecosystems may be more stable than previously thought: that’s the conclusion of a group of researchers from Japan Science and Technology Agency and Ryukoku University. These researchers believe that this is the first time anyone has studied how the … Continue reading

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Revisiting ants

Matt Christmas’ post on the work of ants in maintaining plant diversity was published recently in The Conversation here. Nice to see some recognition coming to the humble ant – we tend to take them for granted or be irritated by … Continue reading

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First signs that climate change is causing adaptive shifts in plants

The shape of leaves is a very important characteristic that helps plants cope with, and become more competitive in, different climates. For example in cooler climates, leaves tend to be shorter than in hotter climates, due to differences in growing … Continue reading

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