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Shhh… Don’t wake the Kraken

What turns an inconspicuous plant into an economically and ecologically damaging alien invader? Or to paraphrase this blog title – why does the Kraken awake? The answer is not simple. Several hypotheses exist, including lack of natural predators in the introduced range (the enemy release or … Continue reading

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Where’s the value in biodiversity?

I sometimes get asked where the value is in biodiversity: you can’t eat it, drink it, or sell it, so what’s the good of it? Well, in a previous post I talked about some of the reasons why we need it, … Continue reading

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The climate, it is a-changin’

The Doha Climate Change Conference is underway this week and next, and scientists and concerned citizens the world over are holding their breath waiting to see whether there will be any substantive decisions made this time around. But we’ve been … Continue reading

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