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Good news: Lions in Sambaru National Park

African lion  populations are declining, due to poaching, habitat loss, and poisoning. But there is hope, thanks to the Ewaso Lions organisation created by wildlife conservation researcher Shivani Bhalla. She is working with the Samburu tribe to collect data on … Continue reading

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Lair of the white worm

If you don’t like the idea of 10-foot long aquatic killer worms, then read no further. The worms in question are called Bobbit worms, iridescent, and quite pretty. So far, all fine and dandy. But these aquatic worms, while on … Continue reading

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Tiger, tiger, burning bright*

Since yesterday’s post was a bit of a depressing one (and there’s the understatement of the year), today’s will be a bit lighter. It seems that I missed out on marking International Tiger Day, which falls on 29th July. And … Continue reading

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Extinction – to intervene or not? (Biodiversity ethics part 3)

A friend (h/t Justin) sent me this article a couple of weeks ago – it seems that this summer, the wolves of Isle Royale in Lake Superior did not produce any pups. Not a one. The total wolf population of … Continue reading

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Sharks – who needs them?

Sharks scare the hell out of most people – they’re terrifyingly efficient feeding machines. Everyone has read the stories of shark attacks, some fatal, some not. Some survivors, such as Rodney Fox, spend the rest of their lives attempting to … Continue reading

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