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To add a final flourish to shark week (last week), here’s a link to a great post listing a whole swag (posse? herd? *See below for collective nouns for sharks) of shark names. Some of the sharks are pretty, some … Continue reading

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Time for some shark love

This week is shark week, so given that they’ve been around for 420 million years, I thought it time to show a little love for these vital and efficient predators.

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Mini-monsters of the deep: carnivorous sponges

When we think of monsters from the deep, we tend to think of things like the giant squid I wrote about recently, or the vampire squid: the sort of kraken-like beastie that leaps out of the ocean and pulls sailors … Continue reading

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Karma Chameleon

The Rock Scientist at Mind Blowing Science has a fascinating post about animals. And while I’m sorely tempted to come over all E. L. Wisty (a character created by the late lamented Peter Cook) and talk about interesting facts, this post really … Continue reading

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Rain of shark

As a postscript to our previous shark post, I’d like to mention the work of a group of researchers from Michigan State University who studied media coverage of sharks. The article, which appeared in Conservation Biology, found that more than … Continue reading

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Sharks – who needs them?

Sharks scare the hell out of most people – they’re terrifyingly efficient feeding machines. Everyone has read the stories of shark attacks, some fatal, some not. Some survivors, such as Rodney Fox, spend the rest of their lives attempting to … Continue reading

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