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Let’s do the squid

I thought it might be time to have a look at a few of the varieties of squid, since there’s a lot of them that we don’t get to see much. For starters, there’s the vampire squid: it’s covered in … Continue reading

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Giant squid biodiversity

I’m pretty fond of all things squiddly, so I was concerned that Nature has a post this week about the low biodiversity of the giant squid – it seems that the giant squid (Architeuthis) are all one species, all around … Continue reading

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Cephalopod fandango

Herr Doktor Bimmler commented on my recent post Flying frogs and cephalopods that he was expecting flying squid. Well, here they are – no video, unfortunately, but at least this one has some pictures. Apparently the squid fly to escape predators or … Continue reading

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Mini-monsters of the deep: carnivorous sponges

When we think of monsters from the deep, we tend to think of things like the giant squid I wrote about recently, or the vampire squid: the sort of kraken-like beastie that leaps out of the ocean and pulls sailors … Continue reading

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Flying frogs and cephalopods

The world of teuthologists (squid scientists to you and I) has been all agog recently with the release of footage showing the giant squid in its own environment. Previously, the only giant squid that reached the surface were dying or … Continue reading

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