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Play games and save the trees

Do you want an excuse to play games? Because here’s a good one: by playing an online game, you can help botanists solve the mystery of the fungus that’s killing so many ash trees. There’s concern in the UK about … Continue reading

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Can we use species’ natural constitution to help them survive future climate change?

A guest post by Rohan Mellick Human-induced climate change is now affecting the evolution of all species worldwide. We are responsible – one species among millions – for the 6th mass extinction event to diminish life on Earth (c. 3.8 … Continue reading

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Instant art – just add a rainbow eucalyptus

Happy Friday! It’s grey, windy, and rainy here (Adelaide) right now, so I thought I’d add a bit of colour. And aside from a flock of rainbow lorikeets or some fancy sea slugs, there’s no more astonishing colour than the … Continue reading

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Wild and wilder

I wrote about one approach to revegetating recently – the suggestion was to clone some of the extremely old trees in the UK and offer them to people and groups to plant. Another approach is taken by George Monbiot. He … Continue reading

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Super trees and regeneration: will it work?

Terry Pratchett translates “Ook” in orang-utan in his book Men At Arms to mean: “It may be just vital biomass oxygenating the planet to you, but it’s home to me” (or alternatively, “I’m sure there was a rainforest around here … Continue reading

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Special post: Endangered species

Guest post written by Craig Costion Today we use the term “endangered species” to raise awareness about species that are threatened with extinction. The use of the term ‘endangered species’, however, implies that the species has passed a strict set … Continue reading

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