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Octopus selfies

It’s not often that you get to say “an octopus ate my homework stole my camera”, but diver Victor Huang got to say just that. While diving off the coast of Wellington, New Zealand, an octopus stole his camera and … Continue reading

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More strange octopods

I’ve been off for a week with bronchitis, curled up at home coughing violently and generally feeling sorry for myself, so apologies for the posting hiatus. Normal service will now be resumed, and with one of my favourite topics – … Continue reading

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World octopus day!

How could I have missed this one? Yesterday was World Octopus Day, so here’s an infographic about these amazing creatures, and, in an amazing example of tool use, a quick video of an octopus collecting halves of coconut shells to use … Continue reading

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Cold water creatures

I’d like to introduce you to a fishy friend, the white-blooded icefish. First discovered in 1927, this species is unique among vertebrates by having no haemoglobin or red blood cells. Why does this matter? Well, haemoglobin is the iron-containing protein … Continue reading

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Cephalopod fandango

Herr Doktor Bimmler commented on my recent post Flying frogs and cephalopods that he was expecting flying squid. Well, here they are – no video, unfortunately, but at least this one has some pictures. Apparently the squid fly to escape predators or … Continue reading

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