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Dealing with climate change denial

I always laugh when people claim there’s some vast, worldwide conspiracy of scientists who made up climate change in an attempt to get pots of money and/or force the world to submit to a totalitarian government made up of crazed … Continue reading

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Climate change poll!

Climate change being in the news I’m reading at the moment, although not so much in the mainstream, I’d like to do a quick poll of our readers. So please take a minute or so to take this poll about … Continue reading

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Beer, chocolate, wine, coffee: all will suffer from climate change

Think climate change will just mean more days lazing at the beach? Think again – some of your favourite things may suffer from the effects of climate change. Indeed, some of them are already suffering, according to this article. Most … Continue reading

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How does evolution work?

Evolution is one of those concepts that’s simultaneously well-known and misunderstood: everyone’s heard the word, but most people are a bit hazy on what it means, and how it works in practice. So if you’re interested in getting a bit … Continue reading

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Can we use species’ natural constitution to help them survive future climate change?

A guest post by Rohan Mellick Human-induced climate change is now affecting the evolution of all species worldwide. We are responsible – one species among millions – for the 6th mass extinction event to diminish life on Earth (c. 3.8 … Continue reading

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Australia – land of the hot pink slug

Meet Triboniophorus aff. graeffei, a hot pink slug that lives on Mount Kaputar in New South Wales in Australia. It’s bright pink, as you can see, and it’s about 8 inches long, which you’d imagine would make it fairly visible … Continue reading

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Extinction – to intervene or not? (Biodiversity ethics part 3)

A friend (h/t Justin) sent me this article a couple of weeks ago – it seems that this summer, the wolves of Isle Royale in Lake Superior did not produce any pups. Not a one. The total wolf population of … Continue reading

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Climate change: a tidal wave of agreement

 John Cook, Climate Communications Research Fellow at the University of Queensland and writer/editor of the blog Skeptical Science, has jointly published a paper in Environmental Research Letters entitled Quantifying The Consensus On Anthropogenic Global Warming In The Scientific Literature. As … Continue reading

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Magic dirt

An old ad for motor oil had the tagline “Oils ain’t oils”. As any horticulturalist or botanist can tell you, soils ain’t soils, and this has implications for any efforts to revegetate. For starters, there’s the friability (ease of crumbling) … Continue reading

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Great balls of fire

It’s been fire season again down here in Australia, with all that that entails. But the threat to life and property is not the only aspect of bushfires, and it’s interesting to see how the Australian ecosystem has evolved over … Continue reading

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