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Are you a threat to the Siberian tiger?

You are probably unintentionally contributing to the future demise of the Siberian tiger. Tiger habitat, predominantly Mongolian oak, is being destroyed by illegal logging. As consumers of oak furniture, which has potentially been illegally sourced from tiger habitat, we are … Continue reading

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I talk to the trees to find which ones were illegally logged*

Okay, I don’t talk to the trees – it’s pretty unrewarding if you’re after a stimulating conversation. But it’s possible to get a lot of information from the trees, provided you have the knowledge, skills and equipment. Andy Lowe (my … Continue reading

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Australian government outlaws illegal logging

Welcome news from November 21st – the Australian Federal Government has passed the Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill in order to crack down on the multi-billion dollar illegal logging trade. Good news for all who are concerned about deforestation, human rights abuses, … Continue reading

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DNA methods versus illegal logging

One of Andy’s articles, recently posted on Biodiversity Revolution, has been picked up by The Conversation. It’s nice to be able to talk about a scientific solution to a serious problem: generally we just tend to worry about issues, and … Continue reading

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