Tasmanian forest agreement reached

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Since we’re on the good news, in particular good news of a woody nature, here’s another item about protection of forests in Tasmania. Yesterday an agreement was announced between the Australian Federal and Tasmanian State governments and the forestry industry which is the end result of some 30 years of ongoing conflict between governments, workers, the forestry industry, and conservationists.

Under the agreement, the Australian and Tasmanian governments will provide up to $85 million immediately to support workers and  contractors, and $120 million over 15 years to diversify the Tasmanian economy. On the side of the trees, 430,000 hectares of native forest will be reserved and protected by the Tasmanian government, while another 142,000 hectares will be placed in informal reserve subject to an independent verification process of conservation values and compatibility with yearly guaranteed wood supply.

Read more at the Australian Government Heads of Agreement page, or here from the Wilderness Society.

Related site: Woodland Matters, the blog of the UK Forestry Commission.

[Featured image: Liffey Falls, Liffey, Tasmania. Image by JJ Harrison (jjharrison89@facebook.com) licensed under GFDL.]


    1. yes it seems that we’ve had a spate of good environmental news recently here in Australia: marine parks, murray river agreement, tasmanian forests and illegal logging bill – at last something good to celebrate

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